11th International DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome & Pregnancy: Innovative Approaches in Maternal Offspring Health



The DIP 2023 Program includes:
  • Post-Graduate Courses
  • EAPM Symposium – Induction of Labor in Gestational Diabetes
  • Inventions and Innovations leading to Winnovations in Maternal and Fetal Health: From Peripartum to Postpartum – Improving Global Maternal and Offspring Health
  • Innovative Approach to Medical Cannabis – From the Bench to Clinical Use
  • PREIS School Academy Symposium – Interaction between Sexual Hormones and Glucose Metabolism in Pregnancy and its Consequences
  • The FEMFMtech Explosion Session – New Opportunities and Innovations in Reshaping Global Women’s Health
  • The impact of DIP on Maternal and Offspring Health – Focusing on CGM
DIP 2023 scientific program offers participants the opportunity to share research and knowledge, with like-minded colleagues and peers, from around the world.
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